We are a research group located at QuTech at the Delft University of Technology. Drawing from both computer science and physics, we work on understanding the nature of quantum information. Want to know more? Check out our research, or get in touch with us!

For students at TU Delft, masters thesis project may also be available, check out our projects page.

At present we have the following openings:

  • PhD student position in quantum information theory and its applications.

Group picture

Upcoming events

  • Weekly Wed

    Group meeting

    A weekly exchange of ideas takes place Wednesday, 12:30 over lunch, conference room level 4.

Research Directions

  • Cryptography

    How can quantum communication help us solve cryptographic problems?

  • Quantum information theory

    How does quantum information differ from classical information?

  • Foundations

    What can the perspective of information tell us about the foundations of quantum and statistical mechanics?



We are located at the QuTech, at the Delft University of Technology, Applied Physics, Building 22.