PhD Student position in theoretical quantum information

quantum information theory and its applications

In this PhD student position you have the opportunity to solve theoretical challenges in quantum information and its applications. Concretely, you will join the group of Stephanie Wehner at the newly established quantum initiative QuTech at TU Delft.

You have an exceptional undergraduate track record in either maths, physics, theoretical computer science or electrical engineering. You will have demonstrated your abilities in at least one research project during your undergraduate years. A strong background in quantum information or quantum mechanics is a plus. The ability to work in a collaborative environment is encouraged.

A master's degree is required to enroll in a PhD program in the Netherlands, and in order to apply for this position. Should you only have a Bachelor degree, TU Delft offers quantum computing classes as part of the brand new quantum initiative QuTech, and master's thesis projects for excellent students are available.

To apply please email the following documents as a zip file with a directory labeled [YourName].zip and [YourName] respectively to students[at]locc(dot)la until December 5th. Late applications will be considered until the position is filled, and further advertisements may follow if a suitable candidate is not found in the first instance. Skype interviews will be conducted on December 8 and 9 . For questions, please email steph[at]locc(dot)la

All as PDF:

  1. CV (3 page max)
  2. Your complete undergraduate transcript
  3. Letter of motivation (1 page)
  4. 2 letters of reference from faculty who have supervised you in an undergraduate project. These should be emailed directly to students[at]locc(dot)la and have the subject “Reference for [YourName]”.
  5. One report from an undergraduate project that you have done.



We are located at the QuTech, at the Delft University of Technology, Applied Physics, Building 22.